Sophos defends more than 500,000 organizations and
more than 100 million users globally from active adversaries,
ransomware, phishing, malware, and more

Sophos Firewall

Powerful Protection and Performance
Appliance • Cloud • Virtual

Xstream Protection

Sophos Firewall’s Xstream architecture protects your network from the latest threats while accelerating your important SaaS, SD-WAN, and cloud application traffic.

  • TLS 1.3 Decryption
    Remove an enormous blind spot with intelligent TLS inspection that’s fast and effective, supporting the latest standards with extensive exceptions and point-and-click policy tools to make your job easy.
  • Deep Packet Inspection
    Stop the latest ransomware and breaches with high-performance streaming deep packet inspection, including next-gen IPS, web protection, and app control, as well as deep learning and sandboxing powered by SophosLabs Intelix.
  • Application Acceleration
    Accelerate your SaaS, SD-WAN, and cloud traffic such as VoIP, video, and other trusted applications automatically or via your own policies, putting them on the Xstream FastPath to optimize performance.

Xstream SD-WAN

The latest SD-WAN capabilities in Sophos Firewall enable extreme network performance, flexibility, and resiliency.

  • Xstream FastPath Acceleration
    Accelerate SD-WAN IPsec VPN tunnel flows taking full advantage of the hardware crypto capabilities in XGS Series appliances.
  • Performance-Based Routing
    Automatically optimize routing and rerouting of traffic based on WAN Link performance (latency, jitter, loss) in real time with zero impact.
  • Point-and-Click Orchestration
    Easily set up the most complex hub-and-spoke or full mesh SD-WAN overlay networks with full tunnel redundancy with just a few clicks.

Sophos Intercept X Endpoint

Sophos Intercept X delivers unparalleled protection against advanced attacks.

Sophos Intercept X Endpoint employs an extensive suite of sophisticated technologies to stop the broadest range of threats before they impact your systems. Powerful EDR and XDR tools enable your organization to hunt for, investigate, and respond to suspicious activity and indicators of attack.


Intercept X includes CryptoGuard advanced anti-ransomware technology that stops new variants and never-before-seen ransomware. CryptoGuard inspects the contents of files to detect encryption and ransomware running on your network. Files encrypted by ransomware will automatically roll back to a safe state, irrespective of size or file type, minimizing the impact on business productivity.

Web Protection

Intercept X blocks access to phishing and malicious sites by analyzing files, web pages, and IP addresses. It is powered by threat intelligence from SophosLabs and real-time intelligence from the Sophos MDR team