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Sentry EDS Overview

Sentry EDS has integrated multiple engines with its proprietary technology to help keep your inbox safe. By utilizing AI technology and Zero Trust, Sentry EDS can block any never-before-seen Phishing, Business Email Comprise, Impersonation, Malware and other email attacks. Our security team works 24/7 to keep up with the latest attacks and help you with any email issues.

Key Features

AI Technology
Sophos Deep Learning Artificial intelligence leveraging new advances in natural language processing (NLP) delivers more accurate and faster detection against zero-day phishing Business Email Compromise attacks, suspicious files and URLs.
Real-time phishing forensics to automate threat hunting, detect unknown threats, and receive continuous real-time updates with the latest emerging threats.
Multi-layer protection includes utilizing over 35 years of Sophos threat intelligence, reputational and behavioural analysis, and state-of-the-art machine learning to eliminate malware and malicious URLs.
Impersonation and Business Email Comprise
AI Technology identifies high-profile targets from impersonation and Business Email compromise attacks, then blocks the attack with machine learning analysis of message content, sender authentication and URL Protection.
Zero Trust
Utilizing Big Data to build a trusting relationship between sender and recipient, only allowing trust email to reach your inbox.
Policy Based Engine
Highly flexible and customized email rules to suit business and to meet compliance. Support domain rewrite and split the domain into different email service providers, i.e. O365 with another email service to save cost.


Sophos Email Security

Sentry EDS has integrated Sophos Email Security to help deliver proactive protection against modern and evasive threats. Sophos Email Security shares the same technology with its award-winning endpoint protection and is supported by 35 years of experience in Sophos Lab. By integrating Sophos’ comprehensive, curated and AI-driven threat intelligence, EDS can protect customers from ransomware, phishing, BEC threats and never-before-seen malware threats too.

Circle of Trust

Sentry EDS Circle of Trust (CoT) analyzes email relationships between sender and recipient to determine the unknown sender and improve the detection of all threat types, from business email comprise (BEC) to spear phishing and other new email threats. CoT can also tag message subjects with a warning to notify users based on the relationship.

Policy-Based Engine

At the core of Sentry EDS is TTAsia’s policy-based engine. Sentry EDS is highly flexible and can be customized according to your business needs. A policy that can be set up, including domain rewrite, email routing, modifying subject, blind carbon copy mode or any other policy that your company will need. We have a highly skilled email team that can help to customize any policy. The email policies can be applied to the whole company, a pre-defined group or a single email user. The easy-to-use administrator console allows IT administrators to set up email rules in just a few clicks.

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