Key Features

Technology – Double-Take Availability

Double-Take Availability provides complete data protection and enables instant recovery from any server outage. By continuously capturing byte-level changes and asynchronously replicating the changes in real-time to any storage across any distance, locally or globally, Double-Take Availability ensures you won’t lose any data or suffer through downtime. You can also implement failover clusters without shared storage or geographic limitations, eliminating the single point of failure and giving you the freedom to locate cluster nodes wherever you want.

  • Real-time Replication
  • Server Outage

Why TTAsia ?

Affordable Price

Only a fraction of traditional disaster recovery costs with a competitive, pay-as-you-go cost model

Dedicated Supported

-7 x 24 support from a talented team so that you can free up your IT resources to focus on running your actual business

Simple Implementation

No application modification is required, no onsite hardware required and our onboarding process ensures seamless implementation

Highly Flexible

-Whether you are protecting specific files or entire applications and servers, we provides complete flexibility when designing a recovery plan.

Low RPO and PTO

Recovery Time Objective (RTO) of as few as 15 minutes with sub-second Recovery Point Objective (RPO) to minimize data loss


-You can test your recovery solution with a click of a button or a quick phone call for complete peace of mind that your plan will work when you need it to



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