The Technology

ThreatLocker® Storage Control is an advanced storage control solution that protects information. We give you the tools to control the flow and access of data. You can choose what data can be accessed, or copied, and the applications, users, and computers that can access said data. By using ThreatLocker®, you are in control of your file servers, USB drives, and your data.


Knowledge is Everything

ThreatLocker® Storage Control gives you the understanding of what documents are accessed, changed, deleted or moved. Including the user, computer, and application making the change. Sign up now, and in 5 minutes, you will know who is accessing your documents.


Blocking all USB hard drives is not the answer

ThreatLocker® Storage Control gives you the ability to control devices are used, and even allows you to configure advanced policies that provide granular control right down to the smallest of detail.


Beyond Application or Storage Control

When combined ThreatLocker® Application and Storage Control goes far beyond whitelisting and the blocking of USB drives. You can granularly control over what applications can access your files, and we stop anything out of the ordinary.

Key Features

Audit Everything

It does not matter what the storStorage+Auditage device, ThreatLocker® keeps a full audit of every action that users take. We log and store reads, writes, delete and moves in a simple to use secure cloud portal. By searching the audit you can see what applications, users and computers are accessing your information. With ThreatLocker® Storage Control you can rest assured that there is a full audit of what’s important to your business.

Firewall Like Policies

You can control what happens on youStorage+Policyr file servers, and what devices are being used in your business. With ThreatLocker® firewall like policies, you can configure powerful policies that give granular control of everything from file servers to USB hard drives.  Policies can be set to meet your exact requirements and can be configured based on user, computer, file types, device types or serial numbers, and even what application needs access to the device.

Granting Access is Fast

When users need to get access tStorage+Request+Trayo prohibited devices, approval is simple. Users can request permission with a single click, and administrator approval is a single click away. Approval takes seconds and you don’t have to worry about having access to the user’s computer, you can approve from anywhere, and your user will receive their updated policies from the cloud immediately.

Easy To Deploy and Use

Get up and running today - ThreatLocker® Storage Control can be deployed in a few minutes, and you will immediately begin seeing what is happening on your computers and be able to take control!

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