Key Features

Ready to use Sharepoint templates

Template Description
Home The dashboard of recent updates from other pages and widgets such as weather and news
Company Announcement Posting company announcement to all staff such as company event, new hire announcement, notification, etc.
Company Calendar Calendar showing company events and public holidays
Company Document Central repository of all documents such as policies, forms, templates, marketing materials. The build-in version control function ensure history of old documents are available for reference
Branch Location Providing a list of office locations and contact information for quick reference
Quick Link Providing a list of frequently used websites for quick reference
Contact List Providing a list of frequently used phone numbers and contact information
Wiki This wiki can be used as a company knowledge base to document company best practices, policies and information
Blog This blog can be used as a notification of recent changes to company information. The staff can post comment to the blog for clarification
Discussion Discussion board is a place for the staff to ask question, post business idea and recommendation. Other staff can reply to the topic answering the question or providing their own comments



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