Sentry EDS Overview

TechnologySentry EDS utilizes CYREN’s GlobalView™ Cloud data as one of the filtering layers. CYREN’s GlobalView™ Cloud is fueled by patented Recurrent Pattern Detection technology to deliver Web Security, Email Security, and AntiMalware solutions with uncompromising protection in both embedded and security-as-a-service deployment models.

Recurrent Pattern Detection (RPD)

TechnologyRPD, based on CYREN’s U.S. patent #6,330,590, extracts and then analyzes relevant message patterns, which are used to identify email-borne outbreaks. RPD classifies both distribution patterns and structure patterns and the analysis results are stored in a vast database of classifications. Local instances of RPD are used in the GlobalView Cloud to accurately detect low volume or regional Outbound Spam in conjunction with CYREN’s Outbound Anti-Spam solution.

Zero-Hour Outbreaks Protection

CYREN Virus Outbreak Detection (VOD) provides a complementary shield to conventional AV technology, providing protection in the earliest moments of malware outbreaks, continuing as each new variant emerges.

Multiple Layers of Protection

Besides CYREN, Sentry EDS also applies multiple layers of protection including our own proprietary data and email policies to protect your email from targeted and advanced threats.


Spam Filters

  • Statistical Filtering
  • Industry Heuristics
  • Proprietary Heuristics
  • Reputation Analysis
  • URL Filtering
  • Reputation Based RBL Filtering

Content & Attachment Filtering

  • Keyword Filtering
  • Attachment Filtering
  • Archive File Integrity Filtering
  • HTML Content Protection
  • Fraud Protection

Primary Filters

  • Domain Level Black & White Lists
  • Distributed Black Lists
  • Recipient Deny Lists
  • User-Level Black & White Lists
  • Spam Beacon & Web Bug Detection & Blocking.

Virus & Worm Filters

  • Sentry Proprietery Worm Filtering
  • Multiple Industry Leading Anti-Virus

Email Attack Protection

  • Denial of Service (DOS) attack protection
  • Directory Harvest Attack (DHA) Protection

Policy-Based Engine

At the core of Sentry EDS is TTAsia’s proprietary policy-based engine. Unlike other email gateway solutions that only offer limited options, Sentry EDS is highly flexible and can be customized according to your needs. The email policies can be applied to the whole company, a pre-defined group or a single email user. The easy-to-use administrator console allows IT administrator set up email rule in just few clicks.

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