Hosted Exchange vs On-Premises

TTAsia’s Hosted Exchange Solution On-Premises Solution
Setup No need to purchase and install hardware and software. Fast implementation Need to purchase and install hardware and software.Long implementation period required on planning and testing
Investment No capital expenditure, predictable operating costs and low total cost of ownership High capital expenditure and total cost of ownership
Maintenance Maintenance, monitoring and updates by TTAsia’s email experts on 7x24 basis In-house IT expertise required for on-going maintenance of the system
Redundancy Load-balancing over multiple servers and data centres means effectively zero downtime Single point of failure. Significant additional investment required for full redundancy
Scalability Easily scales with your business Not scalable with your business changes
Security Protected by Sentry EDS, industry-leading email security service Additional investment required
Value-Added Service Optional email archiving service, SharePoint, China Email Intelligent Routing available Additional investment required
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